10:15 AM - welcome

10:30 am -Why tiny houses, why now?

Miranda Aisling (ash-lean) first found tiny houses in November 2013. She started the Annual BIG Massachusetts Tiny House Festival in September 2014 and built her own tiny house, Aubergine, in 2015. For two years, shes traveled the country with the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company before working full-time on Miranda’s Hearth. In this talk, hear form Miranda about why tiny houses are sweeping the nation.

11:15 am - Thoreau us a bone, Intentional living vs. housing policy

Sarah Hasting’s self made tiny house has allowed her the opportunity to discover a lighter kind of lifestyle in the foothills of western Massachusetts, where she enjoys farming, painting, eating, exploring, learning, and playing. Hear her story, from the Thoreauvian philosophies behind her choice to the legislative hurdles she ran into along the way.

12:00 pm - PANEL: Living Tiny in Massachusetts

We hear a lot about tiny houses in other parts of the county, but what’s it like to live tiny in Massachusetts? Hear from four locals about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of living tiny in the Bay State.

1:00 pm - The Reuse Box Truck: Tiny House. Tiny Impact. Tiny Cost.

Alex Eaves is a Massachusetts native and reuse expert who embodies the reuse lifestyle. He's the owner of the green certified reuse apparel brand STAY VOCAL and director of the award winning documentary, REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet. Most recently, Eaves collaborated with tiny house expert Derek "Deek" Diedricksen to build the REUSE! Box Truck tiny house, a mobile reuse education center where he now lives as well.

1:45 pm - How Living in 90 Square Feet Made My Life Larger

Felice Cohen is known nationally and internationally as the woman who lived in the world’s smallest apartment. 90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (...or more), the recipient of numerous Self Help book awards, is a “want to” guide motivating people to do more of what they love by letting go of extra stuff. The book was inspired by the YouTube video of her 90-square-foot Manhattan studio that went viral with over 20 million views, gaining media attention across the globe.

2:30 pm - Should I certify? The pros and cons of living tiny legally

Are you ready to go tiny, but running into road blocks for living tiny legally? This presentation will highlight the Pros and Cons of legal tiny living while making clear the WHY’s of certifying your build whether your are paying a professional or doing it DIY. No matter if you plan to park it or keep the wheels on and hit the road, this talk is packed with expert insight to living tiny without the red tape.

3:15 pm - tiny house lifestyle live podcast: building with reusable materials

The Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast features interviews with tiny house luminaries, builders, DIYers and more. During the 5th Annual BIG Massachusetts Tiny House Festival, Ethan Waldman will be interviewing a panel of tiny house owners who all built their homes with reusable materials.

4:15 PM - Design a tiny house lifestyle that sustains you and the planet

Vera Struck will share the five sustainability elements you can implement today in your tiny house to live a zero waste, happy, healthy, fulfilling life. Save the planet and your peace of mind with the practices this mindful dynamo artist/designer has employed the last decade in her Silver Bullet tiny house design based on biomimicry.